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Women's July Monday Morning Motivator

KK Counselling

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Women's July Monday Morning Motivator

Join me online from the comfort of your home for Monday morning motivation!  When you conquer your mornings, you change your days and your week in amazingly positive ways.  $29 covers all four Mondays I will be online, but if you have to skip one or have to leave the session before we're done, it's ok - any involvement you have is still better than not being involved at all.  I will use this early monring time, to help inspire and motivate you to take positive steps to achieve your goals and set your days and weeks up for peace, happiness and success.  If you're shy, you can just observe and listen, or feel free to particpate with the rest of the group if you're comfortable doing so.  

This is for women only - so don't worry about make-up or looking good; this is for motivation and inspiration so we will be lifting each other up and inspiring each other for change.

Once you purchase this series, you will be sent a link and password to the online room (can be accessed on your phone, tablet or laptop)  

$29 covers all four sessions July 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th 6:15 until 7am! Only 11 spots available!

Brew yourself a coffee or tea & I'll see you in the morning soon

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