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Re-Wire Your Fire - One on One Coaching

KK Counselling

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Re-Wire Your Fire - One on One Coaching

Your investment in 5 separate One-Hour Private Coaching Sessions will help you re-wire your thought processes in a way that allow you to start attracting all the great things you desire in life - happiness, success, peace...whatever you want you can have!

These sessions can be done over the phone, FaceTime/Videoconference or in person if you live locally (Essex County Ontario)

In addition to the five coaching sessions, you will receive surprise text messages from Karen, in between sessions, with affirmations and other tools & tips to help you move toward your happiness goals!

Once you purchase your 5 Personal One on One coaching sessions, Karen will be in touch to set everything up!

Karen has watched the amazing things that have happened to clients when they've transformed their minds from negative thinking to positive.  

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