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High Antioxidant Slimming Oolong Tea Sale

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Oolong tea has been proven to boost your metabolism — which encourages weight loss, lowers cholesterol, aids in digestion, and can help stabilize blood sugar. It also increases mental alertness, making it a great choice to start your morning with. You can have two cups of Oolong tea a day, so you can enjoy this delicious beverage first thing in the morning and later in the afternoon as well.

It is one of the most expensive teas because there is more work and skill involved in the making of this tea. A single batch can take almost an entire day to process.

Health Benefits

1. Helps Fight Obesity and Promote Weight Loss

Drinking Oolong tea helps your body produce more heat, a process called Thermogenesis, and thereby maintain or increase metabolism (the rate at which your body burns energy). This is especially important for people trying to lose weight, because there is typically a decrease in metabolism rates during the weight loss process. Recovering that loss is just one way Oolong tea benefits and supports a healthy weight. Rich mouth-feel. Believed by natural health practitioners to quell the appetite and suppress feelings of hunger in the body.

2. Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

On a large scale, the consumption of Oolong tea is associated with a decreased risk of death from heart disease.

For patients with coronary heart disease, the most common form of heart disease, Oolong tea has been found to stop the spread of atherosclerosis, a regular feature of heart disease. After just a month of Oolong consumption in one particular study, patients saw a significant decrease in the hardening and narrowing of the arteries.


3. Lowers Risk of Cancer

Because it’s so high in antioxidants, Oolong tea significantly impacts your risk for certain cancers, including ovarian and pancreatic cancer (although the pancreatic cancer risk has been mostly pronounced in the elderly and Chinese populations).  Oolong tea also seems to have an impact on stopping the growth of melanoma. 

The anticancer effects of tea are so great that the National Cancer Institute has even begun sharing this information with patients with the disease, showcasing tea’s standing as a cancer-fighting food. 

4. Treatment of Diabetes

Drinking oolong tea every day for at least a month has been shown to decrease blood glucose levels significantly in patients with diabetes as compared to those drinking only water and following the same diet.

5. High in Disease-Fighting Antioxidants

6. Decreases Inflammation

Oolong  tea targets specific inflammation-causing genes and signals to them to reduce inflammation. 

7. Supports a Healthy Brain

Cognitive function is affected in both the short and long term by consuming Oolong tea. Drinking tea, which contains both caffeine and L-theanine, nutrients known for their impact on brain function, correlates with a marked increase in visual information processing, attention levels, alertness and calmness within the first hour of consuming the beverage.

8. Prevents Bone Loss

While the reasons why aren’t entirely clear, it seems that drinking Oolong tea helps women who have experienced menopause maintain high bone density.

9. Reduces the Appearance of Eczema

In one study following patients for six months total, those drinking Oolong tea three times daily saw moderate improvement in the appearance of eczema after one to two weeks. Five months after discontinuing consumption of Oolong tea, over half of the participants still had the same decreased skin condition. Researchers contribute this effect to the anti-allergenic antioxidants found in the tea.

All health benefits borrowed from draxe.com

Tasting notes: Floral notes with fresh fruit highlights. Feel the goodness, get in shape!

Luxury Ingredients: Oolong + Green tea
Small Batch Blended and Packed in: Canada
Tea(s) From: China / Kenya
Region(s): Fujian Province / Kericho
Antioxidant Level: Very High 
Caffeine Content: Low

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