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Georgia Peach Loose Leaf Tea

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Georgia Peach Flavoured Rooibos Tea

Like all herbal teas, this Rooibos based blend is caffeine free. But did you know that Rooibos has many other health benefits as well? South African studies conducted over the years have determined that Rooibos tea is high in iron, potassium, zinc, manganese and sodium.

This amazing tea is wonderful warm and incredible as an iced tea as well!

  • Country of Origin: South Africa
  • Region: Cederberg
  • Shipping Port: Cape Town
  • Grade: Choice Grade #1
  • Altitude: 1500 - 2500 feet above sea level
  • Manufacturer Type: Fermentation turns the leaves from green to deep red and gives a slightly sweet note.
  • Cup Characteristics: Absolutely exquisite! Superb mouth watering sweet peach notes create a taste symphony.
  • Infusions: Visual accents of calendula petals and blackberry leaves.
  • Ingredients: Luxury rooibos, Blackberry leaves, Calendula petals, Naturalflavors.

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