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Rise & Shine - Powerful Digestive Mixture

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Formally known as "Gut Busters", a remarkable product created by Lisa Budd, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) of Budding Nutrition, Rise & Shine is a powerful digestive mixture with nutritional elements to assist with detoxification, weight management, and daily cleansing.  (Price is tax included)

Certified Organic Ingredients (99.67%):
Quinoa Flakes, Chia Seeds, Buckwheat Groats, Golden Flax, Toasted Coconut & Coconut Sugar, Pumpkin Seeds, Turkish Apricots, Bee Pollen, Ground Cinnamon, Cloves

Non-Organic Ingredients: Kosher Certified Sea Salt

Health Benefits


Chia Seeds

"Chia" is Mayan for strength; Used to repair damaged or inflamed digestive tracts.

Buckwheat Groats 

Gluten free seeds; Strengthens capillary walls & regulates cholesterol levels


Gluten free, edible seeds; A complete protein, high in minerals & vitamins

Golden Flax Seed

High levels of dietary fiber; Helps lower cholesterol levels & contains omega-3 fatty acids

Organic Dried Apricots

High in antioxidants; A great source of fiber & helps relieve constipation

Hulled Pumpkin Seeds

Source of protein, fat & iron; High content of zinc & helps ward off disease

Bee Pollen

High in vitamins, minerals; Results in increased energy & Improves digestive health

Coconut Sugar

 Low glycemic index food; High mineral & vitamin content


Aids in digestion and absorption; Increases blood flow


Helps to balance blood sugar & antiviral properties

Sea Salt

Balance electrolytes; Contains iodine which is essential for feeding the thyroid gland

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