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Stay Focused

karen amlin

When you make time to really know yourself, and you trust your decision-making process, you must also make the commitment to stay focused on reaching your goals no matter what anyone else thinks about them.  

Know yourself so well that no one else's opinion of you can throw you off course. Your path is YOUR path, don't expect anyone else to truly understand the inner-voice that has set you on your personal mission. No two missions are exactly the same and if you know what you're called to do, it's your job to stay focused on your mission, no matter what resistance you may get from others.

When you hear a negative comment, just say "thanks for sharing your opinion" and keep moving forward.  People say things out of fear but it's your job to remind yourself that great things exist on the other side of fear.  When you know you are called to achieve something, go after it and don't let anyone decide your fate but you.

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