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Set Your Intent

karen amlin


Inner-Peace is a choice; to have it, you must INTEND to have it.  Setting an intention is one of the most powerful things we do every day, whether we are aware of it or not.  

Setting an alarm before work, is setting an intention to get up and go to work.  An intention is a decision and if you want inner-peace, you have to DECIDE you're going to have it, and seek it out purposefully, without stopping til you get it.

Seeking inner-peace requires an open-mind to seeing things from a different viewpoint and being open to new habits and routines.

Inner-peace is possible.  You don't find the time for self-care and peace-seeking missions, you MAKE the time.  You learn about the power of positive thinking, you do affirmations, you meditate, you exercise, you try to eat healthier, you distance yourself from negativity and toxic people, you forgive others, and you forgive yourself. You do anything and everything to create a life that is more peaceful and joyful and you do all you can to hold on to it every day.


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