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Dead Sea Mineral Mud

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So what and where is the Dead Sea?

The lowest point on Earth at 430.5 meters (1412 feet) below sea level, it is a majestic and mysterious looking lake of light turquoise waters with salt crystals jutting out of it, and golden-brown hills surrounding it. Are you asking yourself now: “But wait, where is the Dead Sea located?” Well, it is located in the Jordan Rift Valley, bordered by Israel to the East and Jordan to the West. Its hyper-salty waters and mineral-rich mud are known for their many health benefits, and many tourists and locals alike visit the hotels and spas on its beaches for mud treatments and salt baths.

Why is the Dead Sea called the Dead Sea?

Earliest translations of the name of the Dead Sea into non-indigenous languages often use its original name of “The Salt Sea”, but already by the Roman Era, visitors to Judea had begun to refer to the sea as the “Dead Sea”, as they were mostly struck with how the waters were devoid of all life-forms, whether plants or living creatures.

The Dead Sea origins in the past clarify the matter even better. In the days when the Jordan River flowed south from the Sea of Galilee with full force in the wet season, one could witness reeds and fish swept down with the river flow into the highly saline water of the Dead Sea. As neither fish nor algae can possibly survive in water which is nearly 10 times saltier than most oceans, it was a death-trap for them.

Why is the Dead Sea so salty?

The Dead Sea is famously known for being one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world, and certainly the deepest hyper-saline in the world, at a depth of 304 meters (997 feet). And the reason for this high salinity? The Dead Sea is a terminus for the flow of rain and surface water, which means water flows into it but doesn’t flow out: its water has no escape, but is trapped to evaporate.  Soaring summer temperatures and year-round hot dry climatic conditions lead to significant losses of water to evaporation. The water has been losing its H2O content for 65,000 years, with the minerals becoming more and more concentrated and salt prominent among them.

Health Benefits of Dead Sea Mineral Mud 

1. Relieves skin disorders

Dead Sea mineral mud is a godsend for people suffering from all sorts of challenging skin disorders. Here’s just a partial list of skin disorders Dead Sea mud & salts can have a major effect on:

  • Acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Rosacea
  • Vitiligo
  • Pimples
  • Blackheads

Unlike other artificial black mud masks, Dead Sea mud masks contain actual mineral mud, extracted from the surface of the Dead Sea, which contains huge concentrations of salts, minerals, and antioxidants that can relieve all sorts of major skin disorders.

2. Exfoliates Your Skin

Dead skin cells are present whether we see the or not; they put us at risk of collecting all sorts of toxins

Dead Sea mineral mud is great at getting rid of dead skin cells, detoxifies the skin and leaves it glowing and healthy looking.

3. Detoxifies & Cleanses Toxins

Our skin is a magnet for toxins and unhealthy bacteria. It absorbs a lot of nasty oils, dirt and (sometimes poisonous) particles from the air. Over time, our skin accumulates a lot of those toxins, which results in blackheads and a variety of annoying skin conditions, sometimes even chronic infections.

Dead Sea Mud (particularly mineral mud masks) contain a LOT of salts & minerals, and a certain amount of clay; these help cleanse these toxic particles and detoxify your skin – leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated.

4. Rich in minerals and ingredients your skin needs

Dead Sea mud is mostly famous for its unusually high concentrations of salts and minerals from the Dead Sea. It's one thing having high doses of salts. It’s a whole other thing when it’s mostly salts & minerals that are SUPER healthy for maintaining a healthy skin. 

  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Chloride
  • Bromide
  • Titanium
  • Sulfur
  • Aluminum
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Phosphorus pentoxide

5. Minimizes pores

Cleansing the pores on your face is only half the battle. Because when those toxins flush out of your pores – that still leaves your pores exposed to unwelcome impurities.

Dead Sea mud doesn’t just clean your pores… it also minimizes them, keeping toxins away from your skin, and minimizing your risk for infection.

6. Improves facial skin elasticity

Dead Sea mineral masks can help get rid of toxins, exfoliate your dead skin cells and minimize pores.

The result?

Increased facial skin elasticity!

Or in other words –  soft, nourished, younger looking skin.

7. Keeps your skin hydrated

Those awesome Dead Sea minerals listed earlier keep your skin all nice and hydrated while reducing inflammation and roughness.

8.  Can be used on different body parts

Most people simply use Dead Sea clay on their faces… boy, are they missing out!  Dead Sea mud can be used on several body parts and has a TON of uses:

  • Heal skin disorders 
  • Soften your hands with
  • Relax your feet 
  •  Relieve back pain, arthritis
  • Prevent hair loss
  • Reduce cellulite from arms & legs

9.  Combats cellulite

Dead Sea mud improves your blood circulation & metabolism.

What does that have to do with cellulite, you ask? 


Increased blood circulation = trouble for our fat and body fluids that accumulate in our skin tissues = goodbye cellulite!

If you’ve got some cellulite you’d like to get rid of, rub some Dead Sea mud on those areas and let those magical minerals do their thing.

10.  Eliminates stretch marks

Stretch marks are common during pregnancy. Unfortunately, women sometimes take these stretch marks to heart and become very conscious about it.

To that, I’ll say two things:

  1. Stretch marks are completely natural…so don’t worry too much about them.
  2. If that’s too hard, then Dead Sea mud is known for alleviating stretch marks, if not eliminating them completely (depending on their size)

11.  Prevents hair loss

Allow me to throw a frightening statistic your way: 40% of men and women suffer from hair loss by the age of 40.

This happens when the blood vessels in your hair follicles shrink and oxygen is reduced, which suppresses hair protein growth à causing premature hair loss.

Dead Sea mud can have tremendous benefits for your hair and help you keep the hair you have.

  1. Grab some of that Dead Sea clay
  2. Massage it on your scalp
  3. Let is stay there for 5-10 minutes
  4. Wash your hair with shampoo as usual

12. Relieves stress


It won't be as great as floating in the dead sea, but giving yourself a mineral-mud treatment on your body will make you feel relaxed for sure!

Did you know?

A study made in Arava science center in Israel showed that not only do Dead Sea minerals reduce stress, they actually induce positive stress, therefore increasing our skin’s resistance to negative stress factors and increase elasticity.

13. Improves your sleep

Guess what happens when you’re all of a sudden stress-free?

You sleep like a baby!

And while you sleep, your skin cells kick into regeneration mode, replacing the exfoliated skin with brand new ones.

14.  Increases blood circulation & metabolism

Dead Sea mud is rich in minerals… you got that by now.

But let’s talk about what actually happens in your body when you rub some of that lovely mud on your skin.

The minerals found in the mud stimulate your body’s blood circulation. This, in turn, relaxes your muscles and nerves, making you feel calmer and less stressed.

It also helps heal old wounds.

15.  Contains anti-aging properties

Dead Sea mineral mud does more than just clear out toxins from your pores. It actually minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, reduces cracks and makes sure to smoothen those lines that showed up after you celebrated all those birthdays.

16.  Restores Your pH balance

The extraordinary benefits of the Dead Sea mineral mud help restore your body’s pH levels.

For the non-science geeks in the crowd – pH is simply a measure of how acidic our body is. The more balanced your body pH levels, the better.

Why is a balanced pH so important?

A balanced pH significantly reduces the risk for diseases and helps heal what ails you.

17.  Reduces joint pains (arthritis)

Not only does Dead Sea mineral mud have the ability to increase blood circulation, but it has also had to significantly reduce joint pains.

It’s particularly effective for people suffering from arthritis (a disorder caused by joint inflammation).

In fact, a study conducted in Soroka medical center in Israel proved that arthritis patients show significant improvement after being treated with Dead Sea salts.

Other Dead Sea Mud Benefits

18.  A spa in your own home

You don’t have to travel all the way to the Dead Sea in Israel (although you should… it’s great!) and pay a huge amount of money to enjoy everything the Dead Sea has to offer… you can pay HUNDREDS of times less and do it from the comfort of your own home!

All you need is some the Dead Sea’s finest mineral mud, and you can have your own little spa retreat right

19.  Affordable

Dead Sea mineral mud is relatively inexpensive when you consider the numerous health benefits to your skin and body.



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