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The Beast (I friend) Arrives

karen amlin

After researching 8000 treadmills and causing my head to want to explode off my shoulders, I decided to go a diferent route and I ordreed this Stamina Exercise and Strength bike.  It is way more portable than a treadmill, less expensive, and offers full-body workout options.

While I was in an appoinment with a client today, It was dropped off in a box that looked way too small for the size of the machine...thank God I had pre-warned my husband that the only bad reviews I read were about the assembly.  I went through the remainder of my day knowing that the bike would be waiting for me all put together when I finished my last appointment at 8:30 tonight.  (Yes... I know how blessed I am to have a husband that is both retired and NOT a procrastinator)

I finished my last appointment and I know I could have easily convinced myself to start my new journey in the morning, but I knew things had to be different this time and I couldn't make the same excuses I had in the past.  I ran upstairs, quickly changed and approached the new machine in my life with hope and excitement.  I asked my husband if he wanted to start a new series on Netflix and that way I could peddle while watching and we could spend a little time together.   

In my head, I was going to peddle for the length of the 45 minute show, and do arm exercises at the same time.  This bike has 8 tension settings - I started at three and away I went.  The seat and backrest make this thing really comforatble but I was sweating and exhuasted 15 minutes in.  And the arm resistance bands were so tough, I could only do 10.   Definitley not the Rocky Balboa expereinece I imagined but I wasn't letting it get to me too much.

I made the decision to get to 30 minutes and not worry about going the whole 45 the first night.

SWEATING....really sweating but I did the 30 minutes at the 3rd tension level:

Results - 175 calories burned (probably more because of my weight) and 11.58 km.

Better than the 0km I rode yesterday so YAY!







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