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Comfortable in My Mind...but NOT in My Jeans.

karen amlin


I spent the first half of my life being someone who could eat whatever I wanted and never gain weight.  Back then, I was thin, happy with what I looked like on the outside, but I felt lost and didn't like myself much on the inside. Flash forward to today...I am overweight and have been for a long time now.   I will turn 50 in April, and ironically I really like who I am now on the inside and feel proud of the person I've become, I'm just frustrated with the outside package I"m wrapped up in now.  

My goal, and the inspiration for this new blog, is to go on a healthy journey over the next few months and arrive at 50 on April 20th as a healthier woman with an outside self and inner-self that finally match!

I am experimenting with exercise and trying new healthy products I've researched.  I will share my daily routines, challenges, celebrations etc.  There's no hidden agenda and I don't have a crystal ball to forsee how I will look and feel on my 50th birthday but with my head and heart in the right place I feel pretty determined and inspired to re-shape my body that I feel good about again.  

No one's life is perfect.  We all have struggles and we have pieces of the pie that are missing at times.  My physcial health has been the missing piece for a while and since 50 is the magical number causing me to evalutate my health and longetivity, I feel an urgency for change.

One daily, positive step forward can lead to amazing things.  I am humbled and blessed every day watching my clients tranform their lives in positive ways;they inspire me to keep learning and to keep challenging myself to be better.  I know it's up to me to make this happen for myself, but support is always good so I want to say thanks in advance to anyone who will share this journey with me. 


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